The Sunny Trust Prayer

God, Our loving Father, we thank You for all the people of Garo Hills.

We thank you for their tolerances, generosity and their community life.

Father, You sent Your Son that all people in the world can have abundance of life.

We pray that the growing Communion between the benefactors of the

Sunny Charitable Trust and the people of Garo Hills be mutually enriching for all of us.

May we be ever ready and willing to share our resources among ourselves 

 and between our Communities.


Fr. Sunny Joseph Mavelil

The Sunny Trust Registered Charity No. 1112800 - E Mail  The Sunny Trust

"Committed to helping the indigenous people of Garo Hills, North East India”

Bakdil Registered NGO for Social Development - E Mail Bakdil 

“Ensuring life, livelihood and liberation”

Two communities at one with each other in Communion